Academic excellence and Catholic identity are at the heart of St. Mary Catholic School. Our curriculum is oriented to create an individualized academic experience for each student. Our faculty recognize that not every student has the same academic and emotional needs. Through our inclusive education mindset, we have the resources to support students with gifted capabilities and students with special needs.

Our curriculum emphasizes the basic skills necessary for each grade based on the State of Illinois and the Diocesan of Rockford standards. The curriculum ensures rigor, a commitment to Catholic education, and a prioritization of skills and standards.

Reading, English, math, spelling, science, social studies, and foreign language are taught at all grade levels. Our math and reading curriculums provide our students in grades K-8 the opportunity to learn at an accelerated level or receive additional academic assistance. Because of our accelerated math program, two (2) students from the Class of 2019 tested into Marian Central High School’s geometry course at the freshman level.

Preschool through eighth-grade students perform hands-on and interactive science lessons and labs to understand the way things work while working in cooperative groups through our STREAM program.

Our kindergarten through fifth-grade students receives instruction in a dual-language setting year-round. Our sixth and seventh-grade students are also taught Spanish weekly as a specials class, and our eighth-grade students learn a year of French

Every grade also attends the following specials weekly: art, music, computer education, and physical education. The specials allow our students to be expressive creatively, physically, and emotionally.