Our Mission: MOSAIC (Molding Outstanding Students Amid Inclusive Education) recognizes that each of our students is unique and an individual. We are devoted to providing students who require additional support for the opportunity to receive a Catholic education. MOSAIC assists teachers, students, and parents to successfully include these children in our classrooms while continuing to enhance the curriculum and meet the unique academic needs of all our students, including those with gifted ability. 

Our Story: MOSAIC began with one family who had a deep desire to have their seventh child, who was born with Down Syndrome, receive a Catholic education. Driven by faith and determination, they united with other families, administration, and staff on a mission to officially open the doors of St. Mary Catholic School to children with special needs. In 2018, they founded MOSAIC. With support from our generous Catholic community, our story has begun.

Through advocacy and fundraising, MOSAIC offers children with special needs the ability to share in the opportunities that Catholic schools provide. Without MOSAIC, most students with significant special learning needs would not be able to successfully attend St. Mary Catholic School. By promoting a culture of acceptance and kindness, ALL students, both individuals with and without disabilities, benefit from inclusion as they grow together in faith, knowledge, and friendship learning from each other shoulder to shoulder in our classrooms. 
 MOSAIC Educational Series: Celebrating All God's Children
ROCK YOUR SOCKS WITH RORY: Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day
March 21, 2019
St Mary celebrates the lives of individuals living with an EXTRA chromosome on World Down Syndrome Day. Teachers will have specific activities in their classes to teach students what it is like to live with Down Syndrome.
Download the event flyer for full details.
 Why MOSAIC? MOSAIC, through research, community building, creating awareness and fundraising, aims to provide St. Mary Catholic School with the resources it needs to help every student, regardless of ability, the chance to receive a challenging academic setting that is founded in our Lord, Jesus Christ. With your help we will:
  • Hire a full-time Special Education teacher
  • Provide needed resources
  • Fund professional development for staff
  • Fund and help create break out and resource rooms
  • Provide parental supports in identification and support of the needs of their children
  • Set yearly goals for improvement
All students benefit from a diverse classroom demographics. But most importantly, we are directed by our Lord in Matthew 9;14 to not hinder the children in coming to the Lord. We must remove any obstacles that prevent us from sharing our faith through Catholic Education. With your help, we can.
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