Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is based on the position that children learn through play. We encourage children to create, explore, experiment and question the world around them, helping them develop the readiness skills needed for kindergarten and a life-long love for learning. 

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Four-Year-Old Preschool Three-Year-Old Preschool Twos Can Too!
Full-day: Monday-Friday
8:25am - 3pm
Cost: $398 per month

Morning Preschool: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8:25am - 11:15pm
Cost: $162 per month

9am - 10:15am

Morning Preschool: Monday - Friday
8:25am - 11:15am
Cost: $267 per month
Afternoon Preschool, Monday & Wednesday
12:15pm - 3pm
Cost: $137 per month
A one day, one hour and fifteen-minute experience with a parent. Children explore the classroom, participate in storytime, songs, and circle time activities. Time for the child and parent to become familiar with the preschool setting and make friends! 
Note: Students registered for the morning preschool only can add one afternoon class a week for $30 a month, two-afternoon classes a week for $60 a month, three-afternoon classes a week for $90 a month, or four-afternoon classes a week for $120 a month.


Note: Students have the option to attend additional classes weekly. Additional class costs are one class a week for $30 a month, two classes a week for $60 a month, three classes a week for $90 a month or four classes a week for $120 a month.




Contact Cindy Russell - Preschool Director
(815) 338-3598
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