All grading is provided online through School Speak.  Review of all grades for the academic year is available at any time from this site.  ID and passwords are issued upon enrollment.  Homework, classroom announcements, calendars, and other school-related information is available from the Parent Log-in Site.

Grading is maintained across all grades to ensure consistency and excellence.  Below is shown the grading scales for Kindergarten thru 2nd grade, and 3rd thru 8th grades.

Kindergarden-2nd Grade
Academic Achievement
     3 – Proficient 
     2 -  Developing
     1 -  Needs to Develop

Effort & Conduct
     * - Commendable
     + - Improvement Shown

3rd -8th Grades
     A -  93-100
     B – 86-92
     C -  85-76
     D – 75-70
     F – 69 and below