Preparing for death is ultimately the reason we are here on earth.  This life is but a preparation for the next.  The eternal life awaiting us is greater than we can ever imagine.

Losing a loved one brings with it many challenges.  In addition to the sorrow and many other emotions, memories and experiences there are many details to take care of so that you can join in offering your loved one, prayerfully, into the Hands of God.

The priests and parish staff are here to assist you with this process any way we can.  Please contact Deacon Bill Johnston so that we can help make arrangements with you. 

Additionally, we have prepared a booklet to help you plan your loved ones funeral.  


Pam Pecoraro


Funeral Planning Booklet

As Catholics we entrust the remains of our deceased loved  ones to a Catholic cemetery while they await the resurrection of the dead and the promise of eternal life.  Calvary Cemetery is the sacred burial place for St. Mary’s parishioners.  Its grounds have been blessed and consecrated for burial of the faithful departed.  The cemetery is set on 24.4 acres, of which approximately half is still being developed.  It is located on 667 W. Jackson Street about one mile west of St. Mary Church.  There are two cemeteries at this location.  Oakland Cemetery is on the north side of Jackson, and Calvary is on the south side.  

The Calvary cemetery includes a special section (“Angel land”) for burial of infants and small children.  We have two Columbarium which were added in 1998 which provides interment space and memorialization for up to 192 cremation urns.  Foundations are in place for one additional Columbariums in the same area. We added In-Ground Inurnment in 2015 and memorialization for up to 49 cremated remains.

Those who hold deeds in the cemetery pay for future maintenance of the grave sites when they purchase burial rights.  A trust fund with the Rockford Diocese ensures the continued care of the cemetery grounds into perpetuity.

The Calvary cemetery is open seven days a week from dawn to dusk.   Administration is handled from the St. Mary’s Parish Office at 312 Lincoln Avenue in Woodstock.   The office is open Monday - Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm.  Outdoor Liturgies are celebrated each year at the Calvary cemetery pavilion on the Memorial Day.

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