Calvary is part of the Rockford Diocese Cemetery System, and is administered by St. Mary Parish.  The exact year of its foundation is unknown, but the first burial of record occurred in 1834, even before the beginning of St. Mary Parish, which appears to have taken place in either 1851 or 1853.  The cemetery was significantly expanded in 1889 with a land grant from the estate of a generous family.

We currently complete about 50 interments each year.  There are approximately 3500 interments in the cemetery and 1200 additional graves reserved by parish families.

Calvary Cemetery is operated under the direction of a Cemetery Commission, comprised of four lay Commissioners, a Cemetery Coordinator, and St. Mary’s Business Manager, who also serves as the Cemetery Manager.  The Cemetery Commission is affiliated with the Rockford Diocese Office of Catholic Cemeteries  and meets several times a year to review policies and address any concerns.

Calvary Cemetery is currently divided into thirteen Sections, designated A through T. Sections A and B are the closest to Jackson St and have the oldest graves. Sections C and D were developed next. Sections M and N are the most recent sections to be opened, Sectin N having been opened in 2003. Section G is largely undeveloped at this time, as are all of the sections south of Dolan Drive. Lot markers have recently been placed in Section J, and internments are just beginning in its northeast corner.

Additionally, in the northwest corner of the cemetery (bottom right on the map), there is an American flag, a Columbarium and a pavilion where Cemetery Masses are celebrated during the warmer months, and also a memorial to the unborn victims of abortion.

Purchase of Easement

Regular Plot (Any Section of Cemetery) $1,300.00
Cremation Plot (18x18x18) $550,00
Angelland Plot $300.00
Columbarium Niche (one or two cremated remains per niche) $1,500.00
Engraved Plaque for Niche with Name(s)/Dates $500.00


Terms of Pre-Need Arrangements

Interest-Free Options:  All spaces can be purchased with a 20% deposit and the balance due in 12 months of equal payments.

Terms of At-Need Arrangements

Space being used must be paid in full. Additional spaces may be paid as per Pre-Need option above.

Interment or Inurnment Expenses

Regular Internment $1000.00
Angelland Internment $200.00
Inurnment of Cremains in Ground $650.00
Inurnment of Cremains in Columbarium (for each urn) $100.00

The following rules and regulations have been carefully edited, and the Cemetery Board of Directors has tried to adopt none that would abridge the most perfect freedom of each individual plot owner, except when injurious to the best interests of all. They should be impartially and rigorously enforced. Hereafter, when the Cemetery Board of Directors is noted, the employee-manager is empowered to act in their behalf.


1.  Each plot owner should notify St. Mary Parish Office of any change in post office address.
2.  All work upon plots shall be done under the direction of the Cemetery Board of Directors.

3.  All interments in plots shall be restricted to the members of the immediate family of the purchaser thereof, except when special permission to the contrary is obtained. All fees for interment shall be determined by the Cemetery Committee.
4.  Human remains will not be interred unless accompanied by the proper legal documents.
5.  Plot owners desiring graves opened or other work done will be required to exhibit the deed for the plot or give other satisfactory evidence of ownership.
6.   All graves shall be dug by workmen employed by the Cemetery for that purpose. Filling, sodding, and other improvements shall be done by employees of the Cemetery.
7.  The fee for disinterment shall be determined by the Cemetery Board of Directors and must be done by workmen employed by the Cemetery. This fee will cover exhumation only. Legal permits must be obtained.
8.  The interment of human remains will conform to the current laws set forth by the State of Illinois. All remains, including cremated remains, must be interred in a vault.
9.   Household pets or other animals are not allowed to be interred in the Cemetery.

10. The Cemetery Board of Directors must be notified prior to any monuments, headstone, or marker being place on the plot.
11. All monuments, headstones, and markers shall be of proper design, material, and workmanship as set forth by the Cemetery Board of Directors. A single monument may be placed in the center of a plot consisting of a minimum of 150 square feet.
12. All monuments, headstones, and markers are considered to be the property of the plot owner and upkeep is the responsibility of the plot owner. Any repairs of monuments, headstones, and markers caused by vandalism or any other cause is the responsibility of the plot owner.
13. The Cemetery will not be responsible for the loss of any portable articles left upon any plot or other part of the Cemetery.
14. Fences, coping, hedges, or other enclosures around or within plots shall not be allowed.
15. Private mausoleums, vaults, tombs, seats or benches will not be allowed.
16. All monuments, headstones, or markers shall be mounted on concrete bases 4” wider and 4” longer than the marker and said base shall be at least 4” thick. Bases shall be cement at least 42” deep.
17. Monuments, headstones, or markers are to be set to conform with the alignment of the existing memorials in the surrounding areas.
18. The setting of monuments, headstones, or markers and the transportation of the tools and materials within the grounds shall be subject to the supervision ande control of the Cemetery Board of Directors. Such work shall be completed, with rubbish removed, as soon as possible.
19. No memorial shall be placed on any plot that has not been paid for without permission of the Cemetery Board of Directors.

20. Permission must first be obtained from the Cemetery Board of Directors before planting any tree or shrub. No tree or shrub growing within the Cemetery shall be removed or injured without the Cemetery Board of Directors’ consent.
21. If any tree or shrub situated in any plot becomes unsightly, dangerous, or detrimental to the adjacent plots or walks, the Cementery Board of Directors, after attempting to notify the owner, shall have the right to remove said tree or shrub or such parts as it may deem necessary. Root systems or branches, at maturity, cannot exceed the property of the plot owner.
22. All plantings mus be within 12” of the monument, headstone, or marker.

23. If anything placed on or in any plot shall be deemed offensive, improper or injurious to surrounding lots, the Cemetery Board of Directors shall have the right, after attempting to notify the owner, to remove said object(s).
24. After a grave is prepared, owners may set out their own flowers. Plants set out in an unsightly manner or left not cared for, will be removed.
25. The right to alter walks, roads, and drives is solely reserved by the Cemetery Board of Directors.
26. Should the Cemetery Board of Directors see fit not to enforce any rule(s) in cases where it may deem advisable to do so, such rule(s) shall not be considered abrogated or suspended in their general application.
27. The Cemetery Board of Directors may take such action as may necessary, though not expressly authorized by the rules, to protect the property of the plot owners from injury, to preserve peace and good order, and/or to prevent injury to plots, grounds, and buildings.

1.   Hours that the Cemetery shall be open to the public will be posted. At any other times, violators, both pedestrian and those in autos or any other vehicle, will be prosecuted.
2.   No person shall drive any motor vehicle to exceed twelve miles per hour.
3.   Picking flowers, wild or cultivated, breaking or injuring any tree, plant or shrub, or in any way injuring any monument, headstone, marker, other structure, or property within the Cemetery, is prohibited and will, under the State law, subject the offender to a severe penalty.
4.   Dogs are not allowed to walk in the Cemetery. Your help will be appreciated.