To fulfill our mission we rely on the temporal things of this world and use them as instruments for the building of God's Kingdom.  Finances, therefore, play an important part in the mission of the Church.  The Church not only relies upon the generosity of its members but must also be accountable to its members for the responsible use of its material resources.

The Finance Council fulfills the role of being a consultative body to the Pastor in all financial matters.  This helps to ensure that good financial decisions are made and provides a system of checks and balances which should help to reassure God's people that the monetary donations they make to the Church are used wisely. 

The Finance Council assists the Pastor in developing financial plans and budgets to respond to the needs of the church and school.  The Council members also review all financial reports.  We are very grateful for the tremendous amount of time that they give to our church and school and for their good advice.

Members of the Finance Council for this new fiscal year (beginning July 1) are:  Bob Seegers Jr. (Chair), Judge John Bolger, Dan Cooney, Mike Domek, Jocelyn Harding, Andy Hartlieb, Steve Pivnicka, Phil Robertson and Tara Kaufmann (Business Manager).  Questions for the Finance Council can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The Parish Council plays a vital role in the spiritual and administrative well being of St. Mary Parish.  The role of the Parish Council is to be the main consultative body for the pastor regarding all matters of parish life, especially the life of worship and the apostolate.

The chair of the Parish Council is appointed by the bishop upon the recommendation of the pastor and the other members are appointed by the pastor usually at the recommendation of other members of the Council.  Each member is appointed for a three year term which can be renewed for a second term.

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Our heads of the many ministries occasionally meet and discuss upcoming plans and other information that is shared among their different ministry groups in an effort to help coordinate parish-wide events.