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1. If you are not able to be at the Mass you are assigned, please try to find a substitute.

2. At the Mass you are assigned to serve:

a. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before Mass and check in at the Mass Coordinator’s desk.
b. It is possible if you arrive closer to the beginning of the Mass, the Mass Coordinator may have found a replacement already.
c. Crosses can be found hanging in the Mass Coordinator’s desk under the sign in book in the center section.
d. It is recommended that extraordinary ministers sit toward the front if possible.
e. After sharing the sign of peace, while the Agnes Dei (Lamb of God) is sung, proceed up in front of the altar on the carpeted area (not in the sanctuary but in front of the stairs). Ministers distributing the Body of Christ, should be standing in  front of the right side of the altar as close to the railing as possible in front of the celebrant’s chair. Ministers distributing the Blood of Christ, should be standing in front of the left side of the altar as close to the railing as possible in front of the ambo (Lector’s podium).
f. Once the celebrant (and any other priests) has/have consumed his/their communion of both Body and Blood (put the cup down), all the ministers will bow in unison then proceed up the steps into the sanctuary. Ministers distributing the Body of Christ, who wish to sanitize their hands, can do so using sanitizer on shelf by door into working sacristy then proceed to the right side, edge of the carpet the celebrant is on. The servers will be closest to the altar on either side. Ministers distributing the Blood of Christ proceed to the left side, edge of the same carpet. The priest will distribute communion to the ministers.

g. The celebrant and /or deacon will distribute the ciboriums and cups to the ministers. If you are distributing the Blood of Christ, please take the purificator (cloth) first. This will allow the celebrant or deacon to continue more swiftly.
h. Once everyone has their ciborium/cup, the celebrant and deacon will lead the way down to distribute communion.
i. Each minister distributing the Body will have a server with a patten as well. The servers have been trained to stand to the side of the ministers and to keep their patten level. If they don’t, please help encourage them to do so (patten use is designed to catch particles of hosts).
j. Each minister distributing the Blood will stand on either side of the railing (center minister would be back-to-back with the side minister).
k.Once the minister of the cup has distributed all of the Blood in the cup, he/she will turn and proceed up and over to the credence table. If the cup is not empty at the end of communion, then the minister is asked to finish the Blood of Christ and proceed up as described above. The cup is left on the credence table for the deacon to purify. It is not wiped out by extraordinary minister ever.
l. If the minister distributing the Body of Christ runs out, then he/she should get more hosts from the celebrant (never take anything off the altar).
m. If a person comes forward and is unable to receive communion, the minister may ask for God’s blessing, “May God Bless You”, “God Bless You” or something similar. Extraordinary ministers should never make the sign of the cross over people (only ordinaries, priests or deacons, may do this).
n. Occasionally, handicapped individuals in the back of the church or in the St. Joseph Center will need communion. Usually the minister on either side will proceed to take them communion and return back up to the front to continue to assist distributing after their line is empty.
o. If an extraordinary minister finishes distributing before the celebrant, deacon or center minister, he/she should move immediately in front of the center pew a few steps from the end of the pew (further towards the side). This should allow plenty of room for the assembly to merge again after receiving communion.
p. If the Mass has a choir in the loft (currently 10:30 am, every week but third one of month), a ‘extra’ minister will be assigned. Once this minister receives his/her ciborium, he/she should proceed down the aisle between the right two pews (same aisle the assembly returns to their seats).
q. Once having distributed communion to the choir, this minister may only distribute to handicapped in the back. Under most circumstances this minister should not distribute in general to the assembly. The only exception would be special celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Confirmation and First Communion celebrations.
r. The minister distributing to the choir should return behind the center communion line. (Because they should not be standing in the sanctuary by the altar through the rest of communion.)
s. At the end of communion, ministers distributing the Body should proceed back up into the sanctuary. They should wait, holding the ciborium until a celebrant or deacon takes the ciborium. The extraordinary never takes/puts anything on the altar.
t. After the celebrant or deacon takes the ciborium, the minister should purify his/her fingers in the brass covered, glass dish on the shelf  by the working sacristy door (same shelf as sanitizer).
u. Ministers of either Body or Blood should proceed down from the altar, bow and return to his/her seat. If the ministers of Blood finishes before the end of communion, when they leave the sanctuary down the steps, bow and proceed to their seat. They should use the same aisle as the assembly (so as not to disrupt the traffic pattern).
v. After Mass, please remember to return the cross.

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