Folder Mass Coordinators

Mass Coordinators are responsible for setting up for Communion and for ensuring that the liturgical roles have been filled for the Mass. These responsibilities are shared so that it doesn’t require a commitment for every weekend Mass. It does require simple training which will be provided. Individuals should be registered in our parish and have received all the sacraments up to Confirmation.

1.  Make sure the gift table is in the proper location. For weekend Masses that is in the back of the church and for daily Masses that is in the front.

2. Lights should be on at least 10 minutes before Mass is to start.

3. Check the number of hosts in the tabernacle. A good supply is needed for weekend, Holy Day, school and Religous Education liturgies. If more is needed and it generally is, then unconsecrated hosts can be put in a Communion ciborium on the gift table (more than one if necessary). If there is a need for a lot of hosts, then the priest will identify this need (consecrating host for a prayer service would be one reason or hosts for homebound, hospital bound or nursing home bound).

4. There should be three Communion ciborias (four if there is a choir receiving Communion) on the credance table (the table on the side by altar servers' chairs). For daily Mass there need only be two ciborias.

5. Setting up the Priest's chalice is dependent on which priest is celebrating the Mass. Each of the priests has his own. The parish has one for those occassions a visiting priest wants to use it. It should be set up with one of the larger hosts (not the host for the people) on the paten. The size of the host depends on whether it is a daily Mass or weekend/Holy Day Mass.

6. The Precious Blood is offered at 5 pm and 9 am Masses. When the Precious Blood is to be offered, then the wine decanter is placed on the gift table. It should be filled approximately 2/3 full. If the Precious Blood in not being offered, then one of the cruets is used. The type of wine used depends on which priest is celebrating the Mass. Both types are kept in the refrigerator in the Working Sacristy and are clearly marked.

7. If the Precious Blood is offered, then the tray with cups and purificators needs to be placed on the credance table (if there is a choir receiving Communion a fifth cup and purifier may be necessary).

8. One of the cruets should be filled with Holy Water. A bottle of Holy water is also kept in the refrigerator. This should be placed on the credance table (the table on the side by altar servers' chairs).

9. A clean white towel for washing and drying the priest's hands at the preparation of the gifts should be on the table with the basin and pitcher. The basin should be emptied after Mass and fresh water in the pitcher daily.

10. Getting to know the liturgical ministers assigned to the particular Mass is a good idea. All of them, Lector, Extraordinary Ministers, Ushers, and Altar Servers are asked to sign in at least 15 minutes before the Mass is to begin. Sometimes last minute substitutes are needed to fill all these roles.

11. Altar Servers should light the candles before the Mass. The Easter Candle is lit during the Easter Season (every Mass until Ascension). Also, it is lit for Baptisms and funerals.

12. Gift bearers need to be found each Mass. This usually will be done by the head usher.

13. The collection basket must be taken into the working sacristy and the money put away after Communion. This needs to be done by two non-related persons. The tamper proof bag needs to be marked as to what Mass and sealed once the money is inside. The accounting sheet needs to be signed by both individuals as well as marked with the bag number. The bag is then dropped into the safe.

14. After Mass, the Book of the Gospels must be returned to the narthex for the next Mass. The vessels should all be returned to the working sacristy unless there is a Mass immediately following. If there are no more Masses immediately following or no Baptisms, then the doors need to be locked using the allen wrench. The door closest to the Adoration Chapel and towards the Elementary building is programed to lock and unlock (the right door as you are looking out from the inside). The left door is manually locked. If there are baptisms, then the doors on the circular drive are left open for the Deacon to lock after.