Folder Ushers

Hospitality is not an additional courtesy; it is a central component of the Christian message, attitude and behavior; and therefore is integral to the liturgical celebration of the Christian faithful. Ministers of Hospitality (ushers) have the unique privilege and the responsibility to create this cordial and welcoming environment for the ecclesial community.
Each of us has a need to belong and be included. People with disabilities want to be included and involved just as other parishioners. They have gifts and strengths to offer the worshiping community. Ministers of Hospitality have the rich opportunity to be the first to welcome, and perhaps to recognize and acknowledge the giftedness of a parishioner who has a disability. They may be the ones to help a congregation  dispel attitudinal and physical barriers that hinder some people from participating fully in liturgical worship.
The following is a list of tasks for ushers:

  • Arrive at Mass at least 20 minutes early to greet people.
  • Sign in the red book on the Mass Coordinator's desk. If you are subbing for somebody else please indicate that.
  • The first name on the ushers' list is the head for that month. He/She has these added responsibilities to oversee that all the ushers have signed in, that de-icer is adequately spread on stair and walkways, select gift bearers and to help the Mass Coordinator put away the collection. Lastly, at the last Mass on Sunday, put some of the bulletins in the pamphlet rack in the St Joseph Center.
  • Greet the people nd make them feel welcome.
  • Help seat late arrivals but not during the readings.
  • Facilitate passing of the baskets. If there are enough ushers, then this can be done using the every other row procedure (baskets start on each end for every other row).
  • If necessary, an usher can take up the collection with the gift bearers.
  • After Mass, ushers can distribute bulletins. After the church is mostly empty, then see that the church is in order (pick up any papers, tissues, pencils, etc).