At the heart of our spiritual life as Catholics is the Liturgy.  Every Wednesday, at 8:40 am, students and faculty come together for the celebration of the Mass as one family in Christ.  The celebration of Mass with the school offers the priests an opportunity to reach out to our students in an age-appropriate way addressing their unique spiritual needs.

Additionally, students and faculty have the opportunity to help lead their peers in worship by being cantors, lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion and gift bearers.  Not only does this help them in their worship, but it also helps prepare them to lead the larger community in worship by giving them the confidence and experience they need to be active participants in the Liturgy.

All parents and other family members are always welcome at our all school celebrations of the Mass.  

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is also made available to all students in grades 2-8 every Advent and Lent.  The priests and teachers will prepare the students for this opportunity by class level to help ensure a good and age-appropriate celebration.