Growing in our life of faith is not only about learning doctrine, it is also about growing in Christian virtue.  The practice of Christian virtue by our students is very evident and helps create a loving and supportive environment.  Not only does this assist them in their life of charity, it also helps them to overcome the many temptations of selfishness, bullying and sin.

Therefore, a key component of our religious curriculum is the Virtues in Action Program.  Each month, students, faculty and parents are given a specific Christian virtue to reflect upon.  The Catholic Identity Committee provides a detailed outline each month of a specific virtue so as to help the priests, teachers and parents provide virtue formation in an accurate and consistent way.  An outline for the Virtue of the Month is emailed home to parents and faculty and is also posted on our parent log in site and can be found by clicking here.

 "Good habits need to be developed.  A person may be sociable but...if he has not been trained to say, "Please," Thank you," and I'm Sorry," his good interior disposition will not easily come to the fore.

The strengthening of the will and the repetition of actions are the building blocks of moral conduct.  The virtuous life thus builds, strengthens, and shapes freedom.

"Pope Francis in "Amoris Laetitia" (The Joy of Love)