'Disciples are students, and they're life-long learners, going deeper than just mastering content.....In all aspects of our personhood, it is knowledge that leads to love, while love, in turn, makes us want to know more. Transformation and life-change must be the goals of discipleship, and simply sharing knowledge doesn't  make disciples.'

                                                             Fr. Michael White and Pastoral Associate Tom Corcoran, Rebuilt


St. Mary Catholic Church relies solely on the generosity of its parishioners to continue God's mission here in Woodstock.  Please consider making a financial gift to our parish.  You can contribute in a variety of ways.

Electronic Giving

Electronic bank or credit card transfers are the easiest way to regularly support St. Mary's parish.  To contribute electronically through E-Giving.Org, click bellow.

Click Here to Donate Online

Sunday Envelopes:

If you are not receiving Sunday envelopes and would like to please contact the parish office.  You will be asked to Register by either filling out the registration form and dropping it off in the collection basket or at the office, or you can come to one of our Welcome Sundays where a group of parishioners will help you register, give you a new member packet, and answer any questions you may have.  At that time you can also request that weekly envelopes be mailed to your home. 

Donate to St. Mary's Endowments:

Please consider offering a gift of treasure to a St. Mary Endowment of your choice and know that your gift will continue to provide for future generations. We have four separate endowments:

  • St. Mary Parish
  • St. Mary School
  • Religious Education
  • Calvary Cemetery

To donate to an endowment account click below.

Click Here to Donate to an endowment

For more information on how these endowments work click here.

If you are already registered and are not receiving envelops please contact the parish office to request envelopes.

Diocesan Stewardship Site USCCB Pastoral Letter on Stewardship

Your support of St. Mary School is an investment in the future of the church.  A Catholic education is a treasured gift.  Donations for the operation of the school help to keep tuition costs down and gifts to the Guardian Angel Fund help provide tuition assistance.


Tim Dwyer has come to the rescue many times when we faced a technology problem.  We are very appreciative of his help.  Tim’s wife, Jenny Dwyer is the parish secretary.  She also helps with technology issues so they make a great technology rescue team!  We asked Tim to tell us more about why he gives of his time and talent to help us...

“As one ways to contribute my time and talent, I choose to help fix the technology in the school. At first I started as a school parent, while my kids attended St. Mary School. I can remember my parents always supporting the parish and school as my ten siblings and I attended both here and Marian. I thought now it is my turn and it makes me proud to contribute. I really got involved because my wife came home and said ‘Hey they need help with …’ Now I enjoy it because with my wife working there, we work as a team on the technology. I work on the hardware problems and she can mainly work on the software aspects. We enjoy the time together and I get the added benefit of doing something that is needed. It is funny because to me it is usually something simple to do but the teachers are always so grateful that I am doubly blessed in contributing something that helps them. They are a great bunch of individuals to work with. I even see my kids becoming adults and volunteering their talents too. It is my way of being a part of the bigger parish community.”  Tim Dwyer

 Thank you, Tim, for your continued dedication!

Debbie Reau is one of our friendly parish office volunteer receptionists.  She started in the fall of 2012 after our Ministry Fair sign-up.  She answers the phone and greets people at the door every Tuesday morning.       

Why does Debbie volunteer?  “I volunteer at St. Mary’s because I enjoy volunteering.  I wanted to help out at the church and to meet some of the people who are involved with the church.” -Debbie Reau

 Thank you, Debbie, for brightening up the office!


Judy Woodson is one of our extremely talented parish volunteers!  She shares the responsibility of caring for all the flowers in our church with another one of our gifted volunteers, Alice Howell.  Judy also gives of her time to pray the rosary with residents at Valley Hi and to bring Communion to those in the nursing home.  Her involvement in ministries began over ten years ago when she started in our Linen Ministry.  And today she still helps to clean and iron our altar linens.

Judy is pictured here, after she beautifully decorated our Giving Tree in the St. Joseph Center in 2012.  Throughout the year she has saved over five hundred flowers that have been brought to the church for weddings, funerals, and other occasions.  After they were wilted, she took them home and dried them in her attic and you can find some of the flowers arranged in bouquets on our Giving Tree.

We asked Judy why she gives of her time and talent to the church and she answered, “I get so much out of it.  I receive so many blessings.  I really feel it.  I’m really fortunate.”   

We are fortunate that she shares her gifts with us!

Thank you, Judy, for your loving service!