All Catholics are invited to take full part in the life of grace offered through the Sacraments!  The Sacraments are the gateway to the grace won for us by the Cross of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Through the Sacraments we are called to encounter the Real and Personal God and be transformed into His image! 

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Those who are ill, in the hospital, nursing homes or are homebound are very important to us.  One of the greatest gifts we can bring to you, when you are not able to join us at Mass, is Holy Communion.  Jesus wants to come to you and meet you where you are.

If you or a loved one would like to have Holy Communion brought to you please contact JoAnne Sieck.


Contact Theresa Emricson
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Additionally, if you feel called to help serve in this wonderful ministry of bringing Holy Communion to those at home, in the hospital or in a nursing home, please contact Theresa for more information.  This is a wonderful ministry that is very rewarding and we are always in need of more generous assistance.