Official membership at any Catholic Church within the Diocese of Rockford is based upon parish boundaries.  All Catholics living within the boundaries of St. Mary Parish are automatically considered members of our parish.  Additionally, Catholics are encouraged to register at the parish office.  This can be done by either getting a registration form in the St. Joseph Center, filling out the electronic registration form online, or by stopping into the parish office.

If you live outside the parish boundaries and wish to worship at St. Mary, you are most welcome!  In this case you have one of three options.  First, you may simply attend Mass here and enter into the life of the parish.  Second, if you wish to register here you may as long as you understand that you are still, according to Church law, an official member of the parish in who's boundaries you live.  Third, if you wish to change your official membership you will need to write a letter to the Bishop to make this request.  In that case please contact the pastor for additional information on this process.


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Parish Registration Parish Registration - Formulario de Registracion
Baptism Form Baptism Form - Formulario para el Registro Bautismal
Religious Education Registration Religious Education Registration - Inscrpcion para
clases de Catecismo
Vacation Bible School (VBS) Form Vacation Bible School (VBS) Form
Ministry Registration Form Ministry Registration Form
RCIA Form RCIA Form - Formulario de inscripcion para
el Rito de Iniciacion Cristiana para Adulto
School Inquiry School Inquiry
Marriage Inquiry Marriage Inquiry - Preguntas Iniciales para Matrimonio
Confirmation Registration Confirmation Registration - Formulario de Inscripcion para la
Preparacion del Sacramento de la Confirmacion
Change of Address Change of Address - Cambio de direccion/numero de telefono
Add a Member Add a Member - Agregar a un Miembro